Buying a business – Masterclass

They don’t teach this type of entrepreneurship in school. This totally jargon-free course will turn you into an acquisition genius in less than 45 minutes.

6 short videos that will change your future

  • Whether you’re an expert or an acquisition novice, this series will give you a strong acquisition foundation.
  • Real tools you can start using today to build a strong acquisition plan
  • Save yourself thousands and build real wealth with time-tested advice from one of the best acquisition minds in the industry.

Lessons by Scott Duke – Opn Road : Serial Entrepreneur and M&A Advisor

He’s done it all. Started businesses. Bought businesses. Sold businesses. He lives to tell the tale. Here is the origin story of ‘The Man, The Myth, the Legend’ in the M&A world.

Scott is the founder of Opn Road specializing in acquisition management and deal origination for companies with revenues between $2M and $20M.

What you will learn

Lesson 1: Buy vs. Build

Start from scratch or buy a business? Hint:To accelerate your entrepreneurship journey, buying a business is faster, easier and more sustainable.

Lesson 2: Starting your search

What is the best strategy to find that perfect business? Hint: The best deals aren’t listed. Use (our) technology to bring the deals to your inbox.

Lesson 3: Building your acquisition team

This is a team sport. Who do you need in your lineup? Hint: A lawyer is a must.

Lesson 4: Financing your acquisition

You will finance your business with equity (down payment) and debt (lending). How does it work and what are your options? Hint: You will need at least 20% down to make borrowing options work.

Lesson 5: Making an offer

Your Letter of Intent (LOI) is a conversation starter and non-binding. What are the fundamental pieces of an LOI? Hint: Your first offer will get rejected.

Lesson 6: Due Diligence and closing

Due Diligence includes a detailed review of operations, finances and legal. Discover what each stage entails. Hint: Expect another round of negotiations.

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